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Cachagua Fire provides fire suppression and emergency medical services to the rural and mountainous areas at the eastern end of Carmel Valley, known as the Cachagua area.


The Cachagua Fire Department is lead by Fire Chief Jesse Reimer. A local for his entire life, Jesse was born and raised in Cachagua. He has over 11 years of experience, volunteering his time, talents, and resources. A dedicated community member, Jesse has established himself as a true leader of Cachagua Fire.


 Assistant Chief Heather Curry has over 12 years over experience with Cachagua Fire - she is also an EMT. Her dedication, commitment, and experience guide her in her position of mentorship.


Jaime del Valle, Battalion Chief, has over 46 years of service. Jaime has been a constant pillar for not only the community but to the men and women he has helped trained over his 4+ decades of dedicated 24/7 service.

Together, with over 70 years of experience, this strong team, along with the other volunteers, is passionate about protecting Cachagua and keeping our Valley safe. 

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Cachagua Firefighters standing in front of helicopter
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