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Read below to learn more about ways to protect your home, how to create defensible space, and what to do for your pets during a fire emergency.

Defensible Space Zone 1
1. Remove all dead and dying vegetation.
2. Remove dead or dry leaves and pine needles from your yard, roof and rain gutters.
3. Trim trees regularly to keep branches a minimum of 10ft from other trees. 
4. Relocate firewood and lumber to 30-100ft out from buildings, structures, decks, etc.  or to your property line. 
5. Remove or prune flammable plants and shrubs near windows. 
6. Remove vegetation and items that could catch fire from around are under decks, balconies and stairs.
7. Create a separation between trees, shrubs and items that would catch fire.
- Have a fire extinguisher and tools such as a shovel, rake, bucket, and hose available for fire emergencies. 
- Add a battery back-up to the garage door motor so that the garage can easily be operated if power is out. 
-Install weather-stripping to gaps greater than 1/8 inch between garage doors and door frames. 
-Store all combustible and flammable liquids away from ignition sources. 
-Treat windows and vents in the garage as if they were part of the house.
Ready Pet Go!
Plan ahead. Start your Pet Evacuation Plan.
-Know where your will take or leave your pets.
-In case you are not home when a disaster strikes, arrange in advance for a neighbor to check on or transport your pets. 
-Make sure your neighbors have your contact numbers.
-In the event of evacuation, pets may not be allowed inside human emergency shelters, so have an alternate prearranged location to take your animals. 
-Make sure your pets are always wearing properly fitted collars with personal identification, rabies, and license tags. 
- Each animal should have its own pet carrier. 
- Store vaccination/medial records, veterinary information, proof of ownership, a current photo, and a disaster preparedness kit in one location.
Knox Box Key
Rapid Access Solution

Trusted by thousands of fire and law enforcement agencies for over 40 years, Knox Rapid Access Solutions have provided first responders with immediate access into secure buildings, campuses, residences and commercial properties when it matters most. Removing barriers to entry reduces injuries to responders and minimizes property damage. 


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